Teniz Burgylau Oil and Gas is a National operator of Oil and Gas in Kazakhstán


With a team of uniquely skilled professionals, we meet the exact figure for our quality and quantity survey.


Oil and gas production is the general process of extracting oil and natural gas from wells and converting them into end consumer petroleum products.


As requirements of our framework, we provide perspective convergence of oil refining.



TENIZ BURGYLAU LLP - Headed by its General Director Mr. Nurlan Bekzhanov, Is a fast paced company deeply integrated in the petroleum and gas sector both in the Republic of Kazakhstan and to the world wide market. The companys main focus is on the refining of crude oil products to produce a verity of refined petroleum and petrochemical products which constitutes to thier appropriate standard of production both in specification and composition.

We always strive to meet the quality standard and needs of our customers and partner companies individually by taking a personal approach to any request made to our office, whereby facilitating the storage of these products, and outsoursing the market for potential and capable purchasers hereby promoting the sales of our products through out the Republic of Kazakhstan and to the International Market.in different countries.

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Technical department
Production of primary oil refining (PPOR)
Production of deep oil refining (PGPN)
Heavy Oil Residue Processing (HRT)
Sulfur production and plant-wide facilities (SWSP)
Production of light oil products (PSN)
Commodity production and shipping
Department of Oil Products Shipment and Work with Oil Suppliers
Production of compounding and shipment of petroleum products (PKON)
Product quality control
Central factory laboratory

Operational management of production

Central production and dispatching control

Department for ensuring the reliability and mechanical integrity of production assets

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Equipment Mechanical Integrity Department

Department for the management of maintenance and repair of equipment of production assets

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